Which Home Improvement Projects have the Best Return on Investment?

Watch Lindsay Wasowicz, our listing manager and agent, explain which home projects have the best return on investment!


The Best Investments by Room:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Master Bedroom
  3. Master Bathroom

Best Projects:

  1. New Flooring – Update carpet, linoleum
  2. Fresh Paint – Neutralize, no bright colors. Touch up baseboards and ceilings
  3. Deep Clean – Hire a professional company or get down and dirty and scrub down to the corners!

Extra Budget $?

  1. New lighting fixtures – Porch light, kitchen lighting…
  2. Update entryway – First interior impression!


  1. Remove heavy curtains – They block natural light that shows off all of your hard work!

Update Curb Appeal

  1. Pull weeds
  2. Update the mulch if it’s faded
  3. Add annuals, flower pots
  4. Spray down siding/brick to remove grime, cobwebs..

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